We can customize stainless steel tanks from 50-100,000 liters

Vertical stainless steel storage tanks are made of stainless steel material, which is divided into tank shell, manhole, tank CIP spray ball, vent filter, feed port and discharge port etc. The tank shell is polished inside surface as Ra<0.45um, and outside surface as Ra<0.8um. The liquid level gauge is used to observe the storage capacity in the tank. The tank CIP spray ball is used to clean the inside shell of the tank.


We can customize stainless steel tanks from 50-100,000 liters

  1.  Horizontal type.
  2. Single layer, double layers and double jacketed layers.
  3.  Quick open type manhole.
  4.  360 degree CIP spray ball, CIP/SIP online.
  5. Glass type level indicator and level sensor.
  6. Temperature sensor (gauge) to indicator the temperature data.
  7.  Material can be SS304 and SS316L
  8.  Volume from 50L ---20000L
  9. inside surface polish treatment :Ra<0.6um, outside surface polish treatment Ra<0.8um


Stainless Steel Mobile Vessel Structure:

  1.  Material is SS316L/SS304
  2. Inside surface treatment polish Ra<0.5um.outside surface treatment Polish Ra<0.8um
  3. product contact part without the dead corner
  4. the manhole (lid) is sealed by silicon gasket and ISICLAMP
  5. volume from 50L to 10,000L

Large Stainless Steel Tank

Tank Configuration:

  1.  Quick open manhole
  2.  All kinds of CIP cleaning machine
  3. Anti-flies respirator
  4.  Adjustable triangle leg
  5.  Detachable feeding tube kit
  6.  Anti-vortex plate
  7. Thermometer (optional)
  8. Ladder (optional)
  9. Liquid level meter & liquid level control (optional)
  10.  Weighing function can automatically control the balance of ingredient (optional)
  11. mixer (optional)
  12. Jacket (miller board or hollow jacket or coil jacket is optional)

The steel tank can be customized according to customer requirements.